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The future matters: Why choose sustainable seafood

The ocean may look limitless and inexhaustible to our eyes. Truth is, it has been so exploited that future generations might not be able to enjoy its once vast bounty. The World Wildlife Fund warns that more than three-fourths of the world’s oceans are overfished, pushing some marine resources to the brink of extinction.

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The current state of the world’s seas calls for a change in fishing practices to maintain an abundant supply of fish and other seafood for years to come. A sustainable fishing practice ensures a robust replenishment of sea resources with the use of fishing or farming techniques that conserve the diversity of marine and freshwater ecosystems. It also shuns dredging and other destructive forms of fishing.

Sustainable fishing encourages fisheries to harvest only the plentiful species. These species, found at the lower end of the food chain, can sustain a population enough to feed and nourish the ecologically fragile species in the chain, thus allowing these more vulnerable ones to reproduce and increase their population. People, in turn, will continue to enjoy fresh-tasting seafood and reap the health benefits from it.

By making wise choices, consumers can take part in preserving fish and other aquatic resources. A wise consumer looks for stores and suppliers that outsource fish and seafood from sustainable sources. This guide can help in determining which species are fished or farmed in environment-friendly ways.

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